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philosophical counselling india
SOCIETY FOR PHILOSOPHICAL PRAXIS, COUNSELLING AND SPIRITUAL HEALING (Registration No. 477, 2000-2001) (A Non-profit and Non-religious Society to promote Free and Creative Thinking, Social Action and Spiritual Healing)

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philosophical counselling india
Please Contribute Your Paper On "Buddhistic Model Of Communication(Samyak Vaak) And Its Impact On Individual And Social Behaviour In The Modern Context"
Counselling, and Psychotherapy

"To carry on a routine existence without ever examining the principles on which it is based may be like driving a car which has never been served."
(Nigel Warburton)

How free is your mind? "
We may say that thought is free when it is exposed to free competition among beliefs i.e. when all beliefs are also to state their case and no legal or pecuniary a advantages or disadvantages attach to beliefs". Bertrand Russell (The Will to Doubt)

Are you facing difficult decisions in your life? Confused? Unsure how to think about certain crucial issues? Being human, we are all perplexed at times about the meaning of life, the nature of human consciousness and the ego, finitude, the apparent absurdity of our experience, the experience of death, alienation, freedom and authenticity.


+ Do you seek clarity with regard to your own concepts, assumptions and values?
+ Do you seek a lucid comprehension of the wider context the ‘map’ of alternative concepts and assumptions in which you are situated?
+ Do you seek mature and thoughtful appreciation of alternative views of others?
+ Do you seek facility in such philosophical skills as clarifying and analysing concepts and integrating concepts into a coherent theoretical vision?
+ Do you seek a sense of wonder and tolerant curiosity, a feeling for the deeper mysteries of human experience?
+ Do you seek autonomy and responsibility for your own views?

YES! It’s your life and your mind. But we urge you not to delay.

Fire your shyness and consult philosophical counsellor

Through skilful questioning, clarifications and discussions PC explores and analyses the questions, assumptions, beliefs, theories, values and patterns of reasoning that underlie human problems. While it often brings about dramatic affective transformations, it does not seek directly to modify human feelings, but only to understand them. It deals with feelings by clarifying the assumptions and values on which they are based.


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