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philosophical counselling india
SOCIETY FOR PHILOSOPHICAL PRAXIS, COUNSELLING AND SPIRITUAL HEALING (Registration No. 477, 2000-2001) (A Non-profit and Non-religious Society to promote Free and Creative Thinking, Social Action and Spiritual Healing)

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philosophical counselling india
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About Us
Counselling, and Psychotherapy
Founded in September 2000, the Society for Philosophical Praxis, Counselling and Spiritual Healing ( SPPCSH ) promotes the philosophical examination of the theory and practice of counselling and psychotherapy and of philosophy as a private practice profession.

In addition to hosting scholarly meetings, the SPPCSH is the National Academic Association representing the internationally growing trend to promote philosophy as an independent practice profession.

For most of the countries , philosophy has been confined primarily to academies of higher learning where its relevance to the everyday lives and concerns of ordinary people has largely been either ignored, overlooked, or unappreciated. The SPPCSH is dedicated to promoting increased awareness of philosophy's importance to the concerns and issues affecting our everyday personal and professional lives.

  • To help to promote moral values and human dignity in the various experiences and walks of life.
  • To help in the spiritual development of an individual.
  • To disseminate information related to yogic practices and to organise yoga camps.
  • To help in over coming the sorrow resulting from the situations of moral dilemmas, pessimism, mental agony and death of dearest kith and kin
  • To help in creating atmosphere to apply philosophical reasoning and methodology in various fields of life such as: medicine, occupations, education, environment, and social welfare etc.
  • To work for developing moral and higher life goals at individual level and at the level of society.
  • To help and give training for free and creative thinking process to willing persons and also to organize such programmes so that their intellectual capacities may properly develop in various appropriate dimensions.
  • To give training of philosophical counseling to those members of the society who want to work as philosophical counsellor

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